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To every thing
there is a season,
and a time
to every purpose
under the heaven.
 Ecclesiastes 3:1 



"How can we see where we are going if we don't know where we have been?"



"The study of history is the most fitting nourishment to promote the growth and strength of the expanding intellect   of youth..." G. G. Hebbe, Universal History, New York, 1848, p 9.



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"Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for it is the stuff life is made of."

Benjamin Franklin




User-friendly Materials for Stress-free Teaching

Making History Fun to Learn, Easy to Remember!

Curriculum materials for students of all ages,  in home school, private schools, and in families who want to supplement their children's public schooling.

Welcome to Time Lines Etc!

My name is Sharon Anderson and I love home schooling. l am also passionate about teaching history, which is why I created timelines. Whether you are just beginning to homeschool OR have been teaching your children at home for many years, these  materials can empower you and help you succeed.  As you discover how easy it is to teach history to your children and how much they enjoy it, you can become more confident in ALL  areas of your homeschooling adventure. 

I have loved getting emails from you and meeting you at conventions. It is fun to find out that your children are excited about Ancient Civilizations, the Middle Ages, and Inventions, or that you have been using the Old Testament and New Testament materials in Sunday School classes as well as with your Bible studies at home. Many of you use Learning the Bill of Rights in Minutes along with your study of the Constitution. I'm glad that these timeline packets and other materials make it fun to teach history and that your children love learning about the past.

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The Emperor Sargon

By the way, this is Sargon, one of the first emperors in ancient times. (You will meet him and many other interesting people in my timeline packets).

Find out today how Time Lines Etc. can save you time and energy . There is no need to wait. As parents we know how quickly our children grow. Time really IS of the essence!

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